Here Are The 18 RINOS Who Sold Out Republicans On Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Here Are The 18 RINOS Who Sold Out Republicans On Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

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Once again we are faced with a RINO betrayal.

Biden’s infrastructure bill is one step closer to becoming reality, but Democrats aren’t entirely to blame for it—no, this time it’s the fault of The GOP.

18 RINOs reportedly sold out and voted with Democrats to advance the bill.

My concerns here are the rampant spending, the effect on the economy, and of course the health of the ailing dollar—all consequences of Biden’s generous spending habits.

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I am usually all for spending money on infrastructure. Building roads, bridges, facilities, shipping canals, and developing transportation hubs, but who are we kidding here? This bill is far from a simple ‘infrastructure’ bill.

Provisions for everything from crypto taxes to increased welfare spending have all been inserted deep within this enormous bill, and we have to ask: who is this really helping? Follow on Telegram @WeLoveTrumpNoah

Here are the RINO’s who voted for the bill:

18 Republicans who voted with Democrats today on the infrastructure bill……

— The Quill Press (@Squidward3424) July 30, 2021

17 Republican jackasses voted for the Democrat 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that hasn’t even been written yet. The usual Rino cowards and double-dealers.

— The Major (@DerBoardinghaus) July 29, 2021

Details of the bill appeared in Reuters:

The package includes about $550 billion in new spending, on top of $450 billion that was previously approved. It also includes money for eliminating lead water pipes and building electric vehicle charging stations.

The bill does not include funding for most climate change and social initiatives that Democrats aim to pass in a separate $3.5 trillion measure without Republican support.

Both Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, have been upbeat about prospects for the bill.


President Trump warns GOP NOT to accept “infrastructure” bill negotiated by RINOs!

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) July 28, 2021

So do you know what’s in this infrastructure bill that rinos are supporting… #mailinballots #electionintegrity #congress #scamAlert #Republicans #voters

— I Am Contraire (@ImContraire) July 30, 2021

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CNN reported that lawmakers are still unsure as to how to pay for the hefty bill:

The White House and Congress are looking at more than a dozen measures that would pay for the proposal, according to the 57-page summary of the deal.

The largest is likely repurposing unused Covid relief funds, which is estimated to provide $205 billion. But the summary does not offer details on what money from prior rescue packages would be shifted to pay for the infrastructure deal.

Lawmakers are also planning to recoup funds from fraudulent pandemic unemployment payments, but the summary does not provide a dollar amount. These enhanced benefits have been the target of scammers, but how much has been stolen and how much can be recovered is not known.

Another item on the pay for list is $53 billion that stems in part from states opting to terminate the pandemic unemployment benefits early to push the jobless to return to work. Some 26 states announced that they would stop at least one of the federal unemployment programs before they are set to end in early September — though Indiana and Maryland have had to continue the payments after losing court battles.

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