Hospital and Government are killing Covid patient for MONEY.

Hospital and Government are killing Covid patient for MONEY.

Kate Dalley on how the Covid-19, hospital protocols could have killed her husband until she demanded a course of treatment with a proven record of success. Hear how Martin Hyde stood up to the mask Nazis in Sarasota, Florida. Topic: We take your calls.

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Hear how Kate Dalley had to fight for her husband’s health because the hospital is more interested in making money then the health of a patient.

Is that what all the mandates are all about how much money and power they can get?

They have killed how many people that could have been saved?

If this is about money and power why are we becoming victims and acting Like sheep to the slaughter. We Liston to a Government that has no clue on the right direction that needs to be taken to resolve this Covid issue, and doctors that don’t even know how to help the people that are getting sick.

When will the people start standing up and telling the government and doctors enough is enough?

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