Mass Hysteria and The Real Estate Market

Mass Hysteria and The Real Estate Market

If a nurse has reported a recent 100% death rate following the therapy that she has been giving to large numbers of patients, should she continue to provide the same morbidly unsuccessful therapy?

  • What if her hospital is getting paid extra to provide the proven deadly therapy, while she is also being protected from any adverse consequences of her actions.
  • What if the nurse benefits from the poor results, without the risk of penalty to her own career or finances?
  • What if patients are not provided adequate opportunity to get a second opinion regarding these highly fatal procedures?
  • What if nobody is allowed to criticize, question, or report this deadly therapy?

The Loft Blog has been warning of respiratory disease — and harmful overreaction — for well over 18 months. The following is my own true story as it relates to the

“biggest fraud ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Fraud comes in many forms, some subtle. When the public is led toward panic, while being led away from informed consent, that is fraud.

Why is a real estate broker talking about health care? For several reasons: Previously, I have not been limited to real estate; I’ve been a U.S. Air Force data specialist, and also a medical device marketing specialist and health industry writer. As a journalist to this day, I have a responsibility to report all truth that affects DTLA real estate. I’m still known by some as an experienced medical device marketing professional.

I should write about covid ventilator deaths because I am among the few who can. Active licensed medical practitioners are today being fired for telling the truth. In general, they are not allowed to provide you with any information that may differ from that which big pharma orders them to say.

I have the data, experience, and capacity, and I have no risk of losing a medical license because medical marketing specialists need no license. Other reasons why I write this: Mass hysteria has directly affected my own life, and the lives of my real estate clients, primarily in urban neighborhoods like Downtown Los Angeles, along with other major metropolitan areas now experiencing economic losses and increasing crime related to panic, fear and related re-suburbanization. Most importantly, because I happen to have sets of very relevant experience, personal and professional. In a marketing career spanning nearly 50 years, I’ve helped to market, advertise and sell medical equipment, including Newport NMI ventilators.

I’m very concerned when I hear the number of respiratory therapists dramatically express their concerns that they are being ordered to kill covid patients by using improper procedures and protocols.

Working directly with RT Respiratory Therapists and ventilator manufacturers, I’ve learned that ventilators are nothing to sneeze at. They are one of the most critical, life-or-death medical technologies on the planet. They breathe for people who cannot breathe for themselves. Even if the patient is suffering respiratory distress, but can breathe for themselves, yet not registering a specific questionable level of oxygen, doctors will often sedate and paralyze the patient’s airway so that the patient can no longer talk, swallow, cough, or breathe. If the intubated patient does not receive sufficient attention, if the therapy is improper, or if the machine is set to the wrong setting, the patient dies.

If the therapy is not quite perfect, the patient dies. If the patient has a very bad cold or pneumonia, where the patient has liquid or phlegm in the lungs that must be expectorated (normal for a bad cold or flu), the patient on a ventilator cannot expectorate, cannot achieve proper oxygen levels. Covid may create lung issues and breathing problems in a variety of ways.

While we have seen tens of thousands die of lung damage caused by extended high-pressure ventilator therapy in hospitals, we see far fewer (comparatively fewer and nominally fewer) die at home from these same lung issues. Doctors have been claiming that they must protect themselves from airborne virus transmission by placing a high-pressure ventilator setting on the covid patient, even though the patient is likely to die with this lung-damaging therapy.

This may present a very serious breach of oath and law. Doctors who are worried about airborne virus transmission should wear a Level-A fully encapsulated HAZMAT suit. They should not kill the patient with excessive air pressure! A patient on a ventilator thus suffers a stunningly high chance of death.

Therapists have been ordered, and some are still being ordered, to crank up the ventilation pressure higher and higher, even though the therapist is fully aware that the patient shall deteriorate toward demise with this therapy. If inappropriate ventilator therapy or any other malpractice is suspected as the cause of death, the victim’s family should consult with an attorney at once.

Medical professionals bear no risk in providing these horrific procedures to Covid patients. The greedy, hasty medical culture of today is set up overwhelmingly in favor of treatment, over-treatment, and mistreatment, with little regard to patient outcomes. Medical professionals are today only at risk if they fail to treat. They are protected if they over-treat, protected when they injure, protected when they kill, and they are harshly punished for disagreement or disobedience.

In an era of intense censorship and massive pro-pharma propaganda, the careers and livelihoods of medical professionals are on the line if they tell the truth. Fortunately, more than one brave (and/or foolish) nurse, RT Respiratory Therapist, and the doctor have ventured to inform the public. A few have stepped forward to admit to the fear and horror involved with subjecting recent patients to a 100% chance of death through this highly fatal medical treatment. Many of the deaths are preventable simply by avoiding detrimental treatment.

Professionals who use a more traditional approach, such as nasal cannula oxygen, report a much better than 50% survival rate. Patients who receive no treatment at all have often seen the best results.

RTs have been trained to cajole the patient into ventilator therapy by telling the patient that they will die without the ventilator.

The therapist knows, however, that the patient will likely die with the ventilator, up to a 100% chance of death by the ventilator in recent instances. Concerned RTs have reported that, for most covid patients and oxygen, less is more. Due to today’s radical culture of rampant over-treatment, shockingly aggressive propaganda campaigns, and extreme censorship, proper changes to respiratory care are not being promptly implemented.

I have a unique vantage point from which to see the totality of pandemic hysteria. With a background in medical technologies, and with one of the largest databases in the real estate industry, I have unique access and communication with tens of thousands of individuals. In it, the number of young, totally healthy individuals who have died of today’s bad flu season is very close to zero. Compare this to historic epidemics, such as the Black Death bubonic plague of 1350, which killed nearly 1/3 of Europe. Today’s “plague” standards are artificially low — nothing remotely like a historic blood-borne plague that wiped out more than 30% of some populations in the past. The CDC reports that today’s airborne pathogen pandemic kills far less than 1% of the population — much closer to 0% of the population.

We’ve seen and heard of others, and we know that there are hundreds of millions who have had covid, usually undetected, with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, and several with very bad cold symptoms complicated by panic and over-treatment. A few of whom we have heard have actually passed away — mostly from old-age-related diseases, obesity-related diseases, hospital mistakes, or inappropriate medical treatments. These are not reasons to create more mistakes and to destroy more lives.

Put things into perspective. Compare 30%+ death rate of the Black Death to approximately 0% death rate for Covid-19. The most massive blood-borne pandemics in history killed many, but even the worst bugs could not kill 100% of the population. Today’s relatively very weak respiratory pandemic utterly lacks the deadliness of historic blood-borne pathogens.

On top of that, respiratory viruses have always, always burned themselves out long before they could possibly kill a large percentage of the population.

By any reasonable standards, the death rate is low, and respiratory viruses are NOT a significant threat to humanity. To verify this, look at the total excess death count, which is similar to previous bad flu years, and look at the perplexing disappearance of flu deaths and pneumonia deaths. Where did they go?

Today’s total death count is in no way similar to Black Death years. In fact, Dr. Birx admitted to a “liberal” policy regarding comorbidity. She and the CDC admit that more than 94% of “covid” deaths are linked to other deadly diseases and other deadly pre-existing conditions.

No matter how the profiteers try to hype it up, covid is NOT the leading cause of death in the world today. The leading causes of death are today ignored, neglected in favor of the exciting disease du jour, Covid and its sparkling new variants. The real, leading causes of death are not only ignored but actually encouraged — did you get your free donuts? But that’s not all! Coming soon: Get 10 free booster shots and 10 free donuts! What a deal! Or is it?.

Unhealthy government propaganda and health care professionals’ promotion of bad health is nothing new. Did you get plenty of DDT and fresh Camel cigarettes when they were promoted by the government and doctors decades ago? Did your great grandparents take their proper doses of snake oil, heroin, and cocaine in the 1880s? How about shock treatment, leaches or lobotomy, dissection of your brain to lift your spirits? They were all commonly promoted and prescribed by the government, medical doctors, and salesmen alike.

The government and media hide the fact that one hundred million Americans have already had covid, and the vast majority are extra healthy, with naturally boosted immunity. Countless vaccine injuries, declining health and vaccine-related deaths are being censored and covered up by doctors and biased media. Help spread the word!

There was one questionable treatment device that might actually be even more appropriate and needed today: the hysteria vibrator. At least we know that the vibrator won’t cause shoulder and arm injury SIRVA, Guillain-barre syndrome GBS, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis ADEM, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura ITP, blood clots, myocarditis heart inflammation, Bell’s palsy paralysis, permanent disability, and death.

Take any reasonable glimpse of the negative effects of over-reaction: the devastation of urban centers with riots, crime and collapsing condo prices, the real deaths of countless unreported lockdown casualties, including my own Uncle Lonnie and Cousin Gavin, killed by lockdown depression; the countless untold stories of child suicide, worldwide starvation, and other

unreported horrors. Our government and healthcare industries have starkly refused to conduct even the most reasonable survey of the adverse health, economic and social consequences of lockdown and another government overreach. Flipflop Fauci

Others flatly refuse to count or consider the dire negative consequences of their actions. They refuse to account for deaths, disabilities, anxiety, accidents, riots, explosions, poverty, pollution, and other suffering caused by overreactions that they have purposely frothed up to benefit their own profit and power. They ignore an 80% to 100% ventilator death rate. They ignore the destruction of millions of small businesses, devastation to the middle class, and worldwide poverty. The perpetrators have thus far taken no responsibility for nonsensical overreactions and unbridled mass hysteria, which characterizes today’s ongoing pandemic of what good, honest doctors have sanely labeled a “bad flu season” — ethical doctors who are being censored, threatened, harassed and fired like never before in history — for telling the truth.

Where did flu and pneumonia go?

Speaking of lies — Why aren’t they reporting the miracle disappearance of colds, flu, and pneumonia from the CDC illness records? When asked why the flu somehow miraculously disappeared from public health statistics at the same time that covid began to be reported, public health officials have the gall to tell us with a straight face

That flu and pneumonia deaths went away in 2020 due to masks and lockdown.

We must unmask their unethical fear tactics and their tools of deception: First, the reality is that flu and pneumonia seemed to disappear according to CDC statistics because they largely stopped testing, and began pressuring doctors and hospitals to report nearly all respiratory ailments as “Covid-19”. This fact has been revealed by plenty of health care professionals who have observed it, and who have been part of the reporting process.

This truth does not fit the narrative of the panic-peddling fear mongers, who want you to falsely believe that colds and flu are always 100% distinguished from the “killer” covid. Under a microscope, and in comparison to most symptoms, covid cannot easily be distinguished from other coronavirus illnesses that cause the common cold, etc.

They, however, expect you to believe that masks and lockdown somehow caused colds and flu to all but disappear — even in non-mask, non-lockdown areas, and even when the same masks and lockdown did not likewise cause covid to disappear.

If the medical industry is willing to continue to provide ventilation therapy with an 80%+ average death rate, imagine how high of a death rate they are willing to accept from experimental (and extremely profitable) vaccinations? We already have some answers to this deadly question. The government and the health care industries have a long history of being astonishingly willing to accept a sky-high rate of death and injury for therapies with little or no efficacy. Whenever the public allows it, government officials and the medical industries have a long history of being wrong, of promoting fraudulent epidemics with fraudulent cures. This is nothing new. Remember the Swine Flu vaccine fraud of 1976.

The absolutely atrocious percentage of ventilator deaths is only one example of countless instances of psychotic behaviors that make up today’s frantic stampede of mass hysteria. More than anything else, they want you to lose faith in your own body and its natural ability to benefit from trillions of viruses.

They don’t want you to know that the very foundation of your health is based on beneficial bacteria and viruses.

They only want you to know what fits the desired political narrative. Today, any news that doesn’t fit that narrative does not make it to the prime time news.

The human body is comprised of more bacteria cells and virions than human cells. We are bacterial and viral creatures. Medical doctors are only just barely beginning to learn of the very deadly consequence of antibiotics, which kill the body’s vital, natural ecology of beneficial bacteria. Thousands die every day from over-medication, over-treatment, and inappropriate treatments

— almost all covered up.

Doctors routinely fail to warn patients of the true nature of side effects. The truth: take too many antibiotics and you may find yourself bleeding from nearly every orifice because they have killed your beneficial bacteria, thus inviting the bad bacteria to take over. Most medical doctors receive very little education on viruses. The medical establishment and the public are today vastly uneducated, illiterate, and profoundly uninformed about the vital nature of the human virome.

Still wallowing in the victorian era, the health care industry is grossly uneducated and ignorant about the symbiotic relationship between humans, the common cold and countless other viruses.

We are bacterial and viral creatures who are also part yeast, fungi, mites, and many other vital creepy crawlies. You and I are made up of 380 trillion viruses. Colds and flu are part and parcel of humanity. Without colds and flu, there are no humans. With today’s medical technology, the only way to fully prevent bad flu seasons is to kill all humans. Today, we are allowing runaway quackery — false cures that are far worse than the disease.

Today’s ongoing crusade of mass hysteria sadly marches us all down the wrong path, the path to worsening health, destruction of liberty, and loss of prosperity. Like the respiratory nurse who reports lamenting her recent 100% ventilator death rate (yet keeps right on killing), the medical industry gets paid to provide us misinformation about our own bodies. The current state of public health emergency provides extra payment to hospitals, the incentive to over-report and over-hype, plus extra incentive to kill us with ventilators. When productive citizens allow the government to become tyrannical, to declare their jobs non-essential, the economy falls into depression and stagflation.

The good doctors, many of whom are being censored, ostracized, and fired, try to remind us that viruses are part and parcel of our good health.

They are being silenced. They are unable to get out the truth. Our bodies are made to handle colds, flu and pneumonia, even as some unhealthy and elderly often naturally pass away from these illnesses. The health care sector has been presenting significant misinformation about covid and youth. Recent studies show that

“COVID-19 infection does not appear to affect the lung function of young adults.”

The bad doctors,

who are presently in charge, peddle panic, obfuscate comorbidity, and attempt to force experimental treatments and other improper therapies.

While it may be understandably difficult to tell when large numbers of people are behaving in a manner that is counter-productive, you can identify mass hysteria by these collective obsessional behaviors, crazes, and abnormal group beliefs:

  • 1. Based on panic or fear, large numbers of people take actions that may be detrimental to their own health, welfare and well-being;
  • 2. Large numbers of people ignore, discourage or even hide information that may be beneficial to their own health and well-being, embracing censorship and propaganda from perceived leaders and charismatic figures;
  • 3. Large numbers of people undertake unnatural actions, such as prolonged wearing of masks that reduce oxygen and increase consumption of human wastes including carbon dioxide etc;
  • 4. Large numbers of people seeking medical treatment for symptoms that are normally treated at home, such as sniffles and cough, risking death from over-treatment and hospital mistakes; 5. Large numbers of people being misinformed that they are sick or at extreme risk of illness until they begin to believe it; following strange fads such as face masks; riots. Sound familiar?

Another reason why I write this article, from first-hand experience, is that I and healthy friends who I know, who have had a very bad cold, and let our bodies deal with it the natural, healthy way — we are all very much alive and stronger than ever.

Some of those who had pre-existing conditions, overmedication, or inappropriate medical treatments are dead.

The tragic deaths of the few are then being exploited politically to increase medical tyranny, while the stories of more than one hundred million healthy people who have contracted the virus (with little or no illness) are being covered up. Countless deaths caused by overmedication, pre-existing conditions, inappropriate medical procedures, and hospital mistakes are likewise being covered up.

I know good medical professionals. I’ve worked with them for years. The good doctors are honest, they’re against hype and hysteria. Good doctors have good results. But, the good doctors are NOT presently in charge.

Corrupt, inhuman corporate beasts control your health, along with their partners in crime, drooling power-hungry politicians, are in charge of the world’s health, in charge of Downtown Los Angeles real estate, in charge of your dwindling dollar value.

As they forcefully deny us a second opinion, they admittedly snuff out 50% to 100% of the lives of ventilator patients, these corrupt creeps are increasingly in charge of our once-independent lives. They freely admit to caring zero, zilch about the casualties, the atrocities: depression, global poverty, injuries, deaths, and disasters linked to their virus hype. Corrupt politicians and their armies of greedy quacks will never willingly hand us back power and control.

Even though the medical community has known since April 2020 that ventilators are killing most covid patients, the federal government pays hospitals an average of $40,218 for each covid patient killed by a ventilator. #ventilatorgenocide Some say that the motivations and details behind the pandemic are far more sinister and diabolical than we might imagine. Regardless of our varying beliefs, history shows that the destruction of free speech and disrespect of liberty always lead to atrocities. Honest, ethical doctors agree that we’ve witnessed the “biggest distortion of medicine and largest profiteering of all time“. The world is learning to distrust dishonest bureaucrats. As the world reveals the sobering truth about vaccines, illness, and adverse reactions, we gain new respect and appreciation for our naturally effective immune systems. If we wish to avoid denial of basic rights, among other lingering catastrophic consequences of medical tyranny, we MUST take back our God-given liberty and health, by all means necessary.

— Corey Chambers, Los Angeles

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